Thursday, May 06, 2004

Upcoming Lecture on Local Music Cultures

There's a talk coming up on the 19th May by popular music academic Phil Hayward that I would strongly encourage you to attend, especially if you are interested in the topic of "local" music scenes:

"Over the last decade Phil Hayward has been involved in research projects with communities in Pacific locations such as Lord Howe, Norfolk and Pitcairn islands, East New Britain, Ogasawara and the Whitsundays. Influenced by recent developments in community development, heritage studies, anthropology and ethnomusicology, he has attempted to establish 'active research' projects in these locations which involve external researchers responding to and facilitating aspects of local music cultures as part of the research process. This paper will explain the advantages, implications and potential pitfalls for such initiatives with reference to specific case studies."
The talk is co-hosted by the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies (UQ), the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre (GU), and the Musicological Society of Australia, Queensland Chapter.

Go here for full details.