Thursday, May 06, 2004

Show Us Yer Blog

It seems that almost all of you MSTU2000 bloggers now have some kind of thematic focus happening (although remember, it doesn't matter if your topics shift or jump around). In order to facilitate networking and discussion, I thought it might be an idea to somehow collate information on who is interested in what topics.

So I'd like to invite everyone to leave a comment on this entry. Tell us who you are and what you are interested in, and don't forget to give us the link to your blog (you can do this by filling in the URL field of the comments box or by just pasting the URL into the body of the comment). That way, everyone will be able to find blogs related to their interests.

And by the way, when you link to a cool resource you found via a classmate's blog, it's always good practice to actually link to the specific post in which your classmate mentioned the cool resource, rather than just mentioning their name. Because, just like in traditional academic publishing, we must always imagine that some stranger will come along and want to track the links (or information, or quotes) back to the source. In other words, links work just like references in an essay. Plus, linking to people when they do something interesting sends traffic their way, gets them noticed, and helps them to build a network.

Leaving comments, and enabling comments on your own blog, is another very effective way to get the network working. If you still don't have comments on your blog, and if trying to get comments on your blog is making you stressed, email me your blogger username and password, and your haloscan username and password if you have signed up at haloscan, and I will fix it up for you.

And don't forget about the FAQ/Helpdesk section on this blog.