Friday, May 21, 2004

Looking for sources on your essay topic?

Not to sound all stern and authoritarian, but...

As you embark on research for your second essay, remember you need to engage with academic secondary sources, and you get marked for "integration of theory". A report or conference paper, or magazine-style online article, will not be weighted as highly as a formal, peer-refereed journal article, book, or book chapter. This doesn't mean "don't use web sources", but it does mean you need to carefully evaluate them and decide what status they have as evidence for your argument.

So as I'm getting a bit concerned about people apparently doing nothing but Googling for sources, I thought I'd draw your attention to Popular Music and Society, which is probably the best international popular music journal. There's also a very good Australian journal of popular music called Perfect Beat. And don't forget the library databases - you can often get full text electronic versions of peer-reviewed articles from the comfort of your PC, so it's just like Googling, only better!