Thursday, May 13, 2004

Dance Music and the Local/Global Issue

And for those feeling left out by all the filesharing talk, here's an article from the e-journal soundscapes on dance music, the local and the global, and subculture theory:One continent under a groove: Rethinking the politics of youth subcultural theory, by Ben Carrington and Brian Wilson.

The outer-national identifications and trans-local collectivities of dance culture force us to rethink the theoretical concepts and approaches of cultural studies. But, how? Exploring this question, Ben Carrington and Brian Wilson here take us on a short trip from Chicago to Birmingham and beyond, trying to reformulate the problematic of the 'local' and the 'global'. To see the political implications of club cultures, they argue, we have to look at how the formations of post rave tourism fail or succeed in negotiating new spaces on the contested terrain of popular culture. Appadurai's concept of dimensions or 'scapes' here may prove useful.