Thursday, April 29, 2004

What's hot this week

Some of you have taken to blogging like ducks to water, others of you have taken to it more like fish to bicycles. I thought it might be a good idea to draw your attention to some of the ducks.

Quite a few people have started to turn their blog into an online research, thinking and writing space:

Roxy is using hers to explore the relationship between rap and the media; John Goh has become lost in trippy animated graphics as he explores rave culture; Kane is investigating "the way online communities and fan sites can influence the media and sales surrounding certain pop acts" and invites comments.

Speaking of inviting comments, it's even more exciting to see some people attempting to build their own social networks around these blogs:

Matt is looking at the (legal) trading of concert recordings, and finds Tara's (gorgeously redesigned) blog on music activism to be closely related to his. Because Tara has added comments to her template, she now has the beginnings of a dialogue on the topic of filesharing going with Matt.

But the highest aggregate of brownie points this week goes jointly to cocktail expert David Stubbs and beat poetry fan Renee Yates. They have both done extremely snazzy redesigns including adding the ability for visitors to leave comments; they both have really interesting content about their research online, and between the two of them, they have started a cosy little blog dialogue. I encourage you all to burst in on their groovy little world and pester them to tell you how they got such good looking blogs.

So, that's what's hot...go fix what's not ;)