Thursday, April 22, 2004

Weblog Training Session Debriefing

Well, we all survived yesterday's whirlwind training sessions - 4 groups in 3 hours learning how to set up and maintain a blog from scratch! Me having the flu probably didn't help, either. Remember, the advanced configuration instructions (how to add comments and links) are online.

In the sidebar on the right, you will see that I have now added a list of all the blogs I've received a name and address for. I did this quickly and easily using a free service called Blogrolling. Blogrolling provides an interface where you can enter the name and URL of a link you want to list on your blog. You paste some javascript into your template, and from then on, every time you update the list at, it is automatically updated on your website too.

IMPORTANT: Please let me know via email if your blog is missing from the list, and also if you would prefer that I list it under your blog's title, rather than your real name.

So now that you all have blogs, what are you going to do with them? To get you started, here's a few suggestions for the first few days' topics: reflecting on the training sessions; trying to express what you think your blog will be used for; trawling the world of blogs and reporting back on what you think of it all; reflecting back on the first half of the course and your expectations for the second half.

By next week everyone should have enough good content on their blogs for us to start discussing things amongst ourselves, and getting that network I was talking about happening.

I have to give brownie points to Matt Roberts for a great first post.